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  • What is Homesharing?

    This program pairs “home seekers” in need of affordable housing with “home providers” who own their own home and could
    benefit from extra income and/or assistance around the house. In our community, home providers are anyone looking to make a
    little extra income by renting an extra bedroom in their home. Often times, older adults are looking for someone who can provide
    a little assistance in and/or around the house. Home seekers, on the other hand, typically include temporary homeless
    individuals or small families, college students, recently laid-off works, and those seeking affordable housing.

    Where are the Homesharing homes?

    The Homesharing homes are located in Pierce County, with a higher concentration in: Tacoma, Lakewood, Gig Harbor,
    University Place, Graham, and Puyallup. However we do have homes available at times outside of Pierce County in South
    King County and North Thurston County.

    How do I know that Homesharing is right for me?

    Homesharing is an option for all ages. Young people have been sharing for years. Today more and more middle-aged and older adults are discovering that sharing their living suits their needs also.

    Homesharing is based on the use of existing housing whether that housing is a single family dwelling, apartment, or mobile

    Homesharing is an adaptable, flexible idea. The individuals involved shape their own sharing arrangements. Each arrangement may be as structured or as loose as the individual participants wish.

    Homesharing does not have a lifelong commitment to anyone in the sharing arrangement.

    Homesharing is one way to secure (or continue in) adequate housing at a reasonable cost while maintaining privacy, independence, and self-determination.

    Can prevent the too early institutionalization of the elderly by providing needed services for the elderly home provider; the
    home seeker may provide services, or the home provider can use the additional income received to pay for the required

    Homesharing is not only an option for older persons or persons of low-income.

    What are the benefits of sharing your home?

    - Income from renting an extra bedroom

    - Mutually shared living expenses

    - Help around the house

    - Help in the yard

    - Companionship

    - Safety of having someone in the house at night

    - Help with running errands

    What if I experience problems sharing a home?

    If you experience a conflict with the person you chose as a roommate, call Shared Housing Services for guidance and possible conflict resolution.

    What are the average rents?

    Currently rents average $400-$450 per month (includes utilities). However, there are factors that allow for free rent or rental reduction, such as: trading of services for rent, care giving, etc.

    How do I apply? What is the process?

    Complete the Shared Housing Services Application.

    Shared Housing Services completes a background check on all applicants. Cost: Home seeker $20 for background check;
    Home provider $50 includes background check and site visit.

    Based on the information on your application and from your conversation with our case manager, first names and phone
    numbers are shared for home providers and home seekers to connect. If both parties enjoy their phone conversation, we
    suggest both parties meet at a coffee shop or for lunch. It takes both parties to want to be roommates. Shared Housing
    Services does not place people in homes. We give a referral for a Homesharing match.

    We also recommend a trial period (week-end, week, month) which is a good way to both parties to become acquainted and to
    test compatibility.